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Handcrafted Goodness, Crestview Style

Come get your last minute Christmas shopping done tomorrow, December 17th, at the Crestview Holiday Market  from 4-8 pm. There will be plenty of good eats and locally handcrafted goods.


Caps For-Sale!

We now have winter wool caps for-sale in the “Our Caps” page. We are currently working on adding PayPal to our site, but for now if you see something you like shoot us an email at f3designs@gmail.com and we will get you hooked up!

Brown Shugga

After snapping a steel fork this spring…

and breaking two production steel 29er frames in less than 6 months I decided to start looking for something different….

I had been following the blog of Brendan Collier of Siren Bicycles for some time, admiring his craftmanship…  For those of you not in the know, Brendan handcrafts what he calls “Performance Art”, 29ers catering to the endurance racing crowd, epic adventurers or just those wanting a kick ass ride to take you from here to there.  Up until this spring Siren was only producing custom aluminium frames, but with the announcement in July of the production steel frame, called John Henry, I knew I had to have one.

Fast forward,  it’s the end of October and I’m getting ready for an all day epic called the “Enchilada Buffet” (a self-supported 80 mile race of every legal trail in Austin), what should show up at my door but my shinny new John Henry. So two days before the buffet, I switch all the parts from my current ride (backup Surly KM) over to my new John Henry “Brown Shugga”.

Why “Brown Shugga” you ask, because of the sweet custom chocolate-brown powder with a gold sparkle clear coat Brendan did for me.

So with only a one hour shake down ride under my belt I took on the Buffet.

Only one word comes to mind, awesome! Second ride and 9.75 hrs in the saddle and the John Henry rode superb… perfectly balanced, fit was spot on, no lower back soreness (even though I was carrying a  pack) and the bike climbed and craved better than any other hardtail I have ever ridden! Even looks great dirty…

For a production handmade steel 29er the John Henry is hard to beat, Paragon Machine Works SS/geared sliders and bottom bracket, lightweight steel tubeset, big tire clearance (currently running 2.3’s with room to spare) and excellent customer service.

So if you are looking for quality,  handmade 29er, definitely give Brendan a shout, you won’t be disappointed!

Wool Caps Are In The House!

Since old man winter is knocking on most of our doors, f3 is now cranking out wool caps for your cranial pleasure.

The caps are 100% wool knit with a fabric covered flexible plastic brim. Caps come in two flavors: short (regular fit) or long (over the ears) and two sizes: regular (20.5″ to 22.5″) or large (22″ to 24″). All caps do have elastic on the back so they are able to fit a wide range of sizes.

If you don’t already know, wool is the bomb for cycling and everyday wear! Here are some of the virtues of wool:

Wool is sustainable-Sheep grow a new fleece each year and then it’s removed with no harm done to the animal.  So it’s a sustainable renewable fabric.

Wool is comfortable-Wool is very absorbent, it can absorb up to 30% of it’s weight without feeling damp. Wool fibers form pockets of air that are naturally insulating, so you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Wool is easy to care for-Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry.

We also have some great new brim fabrics (below) that will be making their way onto caps this weekend. We are all about cranking out caps right now so stay tuned to see what’s for-sale. Give our caps a try, your head will thank you!

New Bamboo color choices

Elnita is back home and happy to be working! YEA!!  And here are the new color choices for the Bamboo Summer Hats…….

Pink Lavender                  Cactus Green                Blueberry                 Dark Iron

We also have the ever popular color “Black”. But who needs to see a swatch of black fabric to know what color it is!

Mechanical Problems!

New brim Fabric!

So, two night ago we’re sewing along getting some good work done and then what happens? Our wonderful work horse sewing machine “Elnita” decides she has had enough and breaks!  So Elnita is getting a couple days off at City Service Sewing Machines.  Maurice works wonders and should have her back in perfect shape soon. In the mean time here’s a few of the new brims.

A few hat colors

Here are three colors we have available in our Summer Hats. Black, Copenhagen Blue and Dusty Green. The colors on your computer may look slightly different than the actual fabric.